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Covert DVR

This product is available for delivery to destinations outside of the EC only.

Covert DVR

This advanced colour video camera and audio recorder is concealed in a fully working pen! The very latest in compact video technology. Stylish machine crafted design combined with advanced video and audio recorder integrated in to one compact device provides superior covert recording results.

Single button operation makes this unit easy to operate allowing you to capture quality video on the go.

Designed for the professional, its simple operation and quality results could be used by anyone.

The video is captured and saved in the top portion of the pen, that once separated from the bottom reveals a USB jack for convenient downloading to your PC. The USB connection also charges the internal battery when connected to your PC. The video is stored in an AVI video format which is one of the most supported formats in the industry allowing for convenient viewing.



Simple Operation

Rechargeable Internal Battery

Integrated Lithium-ion rechargeable battery may be charged by plugging the unit directly into your PC or you may also plug the unit into the included AC/DC power adaptor. Battery life is approximately 3 hours between charges.


Video Compression; AVI format, 352X288. Recording at approx 500Kb per min onto the 2G internal flash memory. Recording is continuous until the memory is full, or the recording is paused/stopped.

View video with Windows Media player with FREE FFDSHOW Codec.


Mono Audio is recorded with video


Via USB socket

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