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Data Recovery

Reliable, Safe and cost effective DePOT is a powerful blend of solvents designed for the removal of cured epoxy encapsulants. DePOT is not a true solvent for the epoxies, DePOT causes rapid disintegration of epoxy materials. DePOT is neutral, containing neither acids nor bases, and will therefore not effect electrical parameters of active components, including silicon. DePOT decapsulation is controlled by heat and time, thorough decapsulation with repeatable results are attainable for all qualified encapsulants.

After use DePOT can be filtered and reused. DePOT is the most cost effective solution for decapsulation.

Physical Form

Clear pink (Fading of pink color does not effect purity or effectiveness of DePOT)

Specific gravity


Boiling point


Flash point

203°F (OC)

Autoignition Temp


General Useage Instructions (Procedure will vary depending upon the application)


Available sizes:

2.5Ltr, 1Ltr, 500ml, 250ml

Note: DePOT can be reused

DePOT is neutral, containing neither acids nor bases. DePOT is our preferred solution for the depackaging of Silcon chip and SIM modules. DePOT is Reliable, and Cost of all it requires minimal Safety & Handling procedures compared to traditional solutions.

Supplied with MSDS and useage guidance

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