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Data Recovery

  • Along with our development partners we have been working in the field of IC Data recovery since 1995
  • Ours is a proven track record of delivering, where others fail
  • We can analyse any device you have and provide you with the information you need
  • we offer a reliable discrete service


Our services are used for Academic study, Proof of copyright infringement, verification of origin and more.


  • You have in your possession a secure micro controller that provides functionality that is Exactly the same as a part that you produce......only the part in your hand was NOT produced by you. Does it contain a binary image stolen from your production facility?
  • International copyright law facilitates the collection of evidence from dens of piracy. Use our services to prove the link the between recovered source code and binary images, with that found inside the chips used in unlicensed products.

MCU, PLD, CPLD, AND FPGA Code Extraction

We provide code recovery services for most commercial MCU, PLD, CPLD, FPGA and ASIC’S existing today.

Interested? email us with a description of the device you need to recovery data from.
We will provide you with a quotation for the service and terms of service.

Note: If it is a device that we have not worked on in the past, we will require three blank parts, so that we can then provide a quotation after we have looked at the device.

If you cannot obtain blanks, we may be able to assist in locating blanks.

If you wish to proceed, we'll ask you to sign and return a “Data Recovery Contract” for each device, along with 3-4 blank chips of the same manufacture and type.

When recovering data we prefer to have two or three devices to work on, but we can work with just takes longer!

  • We can also provide security analysis for devices that you would like us to look at.
  • If required we can also provide written reports.


Below we provide typical examples for common parts that we can provide a data recovery service for ....these are the most common parts, we can work on many more parts the list is too long to print in full!

  • Actel pro asic 3
  • Altera epm70xx
  • Altera epm93xx
  • AMD 8751, 87c51, 8752, 87c52, 8753, 87c521, 87c541
  • Atmel 89cxxxx & 89cxx
  • Atmel avr 90sxxxx, attiny, etc
  • Atmel 90usb
  • Atmel 91sam
  • Cygnal c8051
  • Cypress c7c63xxxx
  • Dallas Semi ds2432
  • Dallas Semi ds28e01
  • Dallas Semi ds28cn01
  • EMC 78p153, 78p154, 78p156, 78p247, 78p447, 78p451, 78p458, 78p459
  • Intel 8751, 87c51, 8752, 87c52, 87c54, 87c58, 87c196
  • Microchip, 12c, 16c, 18c, 10f, 12f, 14f, 16f, 18f, 24f
  • Microchip Dspic’s
  • Motorola & freescale, can do, but would like to see them before we quote there are many variations !
  • National Semi cop8
  • NXP semi, need to see them before we can quote, they are a pain
  • Philips & Signetics 8751, 8752, 87c51, 87c52, 87c54, 87c58, 87cxxx
  • Renesas need to see them 1st
  • Texas Instruments 430fxxx, 430fxxxx
  • Ubicom sx18, sx20, sx28
  • Ubicom sx 48, sx52, need to see them 1st
  • Xilinx 95xx, 95xxx, cool running we need to see the part before we quote
    • Note: 8751, 8752, 87c51, etc. we need to see blanks also do to just too many die revisions to keep up with!


Prices range from 500 UK pounds to 5000 UK Pounds for most parts. Of course some special parts require special equipment and processes and the costs increase to reflect the additional work.

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