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Data Recovery

3gforensics appreciate the difficulties involved in correctly handling sensitive forensic evidence. The management of external data recovery services and secure shipment of evidential material can become particularly onourous tasks to professional forensic examiners. It is the view of some that that continuity of evidence is not ensured unless the external service provider is regularly assessed to ensure that quality standards are enforced, or that eveidence is accomanied by the owning party at all times. In many cases where where data needs to be recovered from Damaged SIM cards, either at short notice, on a regular basis or in very sensitive cases, it is preferable to have the facility "in-house".

3gforensics have develped the Lab-in-a-Box solution to meet the ever growning need to recover data from damaged sim cards in a Reliable, Safe, cost effective, manner.

Lab-in-a-Box is the foundation of many silicon level data recovery solutions, the equipment and techniques may be used to facilitate data recovery from many damaged silicon devices, such as memory, and uControllers. With few additional parts and techniques Lab-in-aBox can be used in the recovery of data from some protected microcontrolers and memory devices.

Lab-in-a-Box is a total solution - inclusive of training package - to allow forensic examiners to set up a data recovery facility in the lab, or at the crime scene.

Lab-in-a-Box compises of the following key elements:

  • Comprehensive hands on training package either on your site or at our offices in Cambridge, UK.
  • On going technical support.
  • Equipment package in flight cases
    • Decapsulation Station
    • Optical System
    • Probe station
    • Electronic probe Contact Indicator
    • computer & data recovery software
    • Materials handling pack
    • Safety pack
    • Proprietary Chemical Pack - Including 1 ltr DePOT
    • Optional Fume handling system - Optional fume cabinet
    • Evidence storage and transport system

Approx transportable system weight: 70Kg in two cases - two man lift

lab-in-a-box lab-in-a-box

lab-in-a-box probe

fume hood decapped

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