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Mobile Communications Signal Analysis

MCSA is a technology that can be integrated into a variety of products; from mobile phone detection, through IMSI Grabbing, to Off Air monitoring. Deployment can be overt or covert.


Fenris can detect mobile phone usage

Developed by Crownhill Associates Limited this type of technology has already been deployed in the product, Fenris. Fenris is capable of detecting the distinct fingerprint that a Mobile Phone transmits whilst it is in use.

Used as a deterrent, Fenris can both visually and audibly alert people in the vicinity that a Mobile Phone has been detected and instruct them to switch their phone off.

When installed covertly, Fenris can be connected to via IP and silently notify personnel that a Mobile Phone has been detected through the Fenris software interface.

Fenris was a proof of concept design - The Fenris Product design has been sold. It is expected to re emerge shortly as the core of a new mobile detection system targeted at prisons and Gov't institutions.



MCSA is a technology, developed by Crownhill, to enable easy integration of mobile communications signal analysis. The technology is based upon a Fractional-N synthesizer and signal processing sub system coupled with VLIF/DCR Receiver to provide a low-cost multi-band scanning receiver with wide band capabilities 800Mhz - 2.4Ghz

The IF inputs are digitised, filtered and downconverted to baseband I and Q signals. The flexible baseband interface can be configured for either analogue or digital operation. From here the signals can be further analysed. MCSA incorporates an FPGA providing the essential communication processing functions, including modulation, demodulation, error correction encoding and decoding, digital to analog/RF, RF/analog to digital, formatting, data storage and baseband interfaces.

MOBILE PHONE detection and demodulation functionality is inherent in the MCSA design, however, functionality is limited only by the post processing application, examples being:

Typical uses being:

Not just Mobile Phones

In addition to Mobile Phones, this concept can also be applied to almost any RF device which uses complex modulation. Potentially, it's possible to detect all manner of devices, such as RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth. Don't hesitate to contact us should you require such a solution.

Potential uses

MCSA is incredibly versatile. Some examples of deployment include:






Frequency Range:

Other frequency bands in the range 850-2400Mhz may be catered for by bespoke development.


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