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Client List

Our clients include Police forces and Government agencies in the UK, Europe and the USA. Sadly, our most prestigious clients and interesting projects cannot be listed here.

Independent references can be provided by UK and US Government clients if required.

Department of Defense
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Central Intelligence Agency

Ministry of Defence
HM Customs and Excise
British Transport Police
Metropolitan Police Service
National Crime Squad

Clients include

Bedfordshire Police
British Transport Police
Cambridge Constabulary
City of London Police
Essex Police
Government Communications Headquarters
Hampshire Police
Hertfordshire Police
HM Customs and Excise
Information risk Management PLC
Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit
JC Teal & Company
Forensic Science Service
Lincolnshire Police
Lothian and Borders Police
Ministry of Defence Police
Kent County Constabulary
Laboratory of the Government Chemist
Lincoln Police Authority
Lothian and Borders Police
Maidstone Police
Metropolitan Police Service
Merseyside Police
Ministry of Defence
National Crime Squad
Norfolk Constabulary
Office of Fair Trading
Qinetiq Estates
Risk Advisory Group
Royal Airforce Police
Royal canadian Mounted Police
Royal Signals
Scottish DEA
Scottish Police
Sector Forensics
South Wales Police Authority
Strathclyde Police
Sussex Police
Surrey County Council
Serveillynx Systems Corporation
Stac International
Sytech Ltd
Tayside Police
Thames Valley Police
Trew and Co
Valuation Office Agency
US Department of Defence
West Yorkshire Police
Warwickshire Police