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Secure End-To-End SMS messaging for covert and sensitive operations.


Unlike some secure mobile messaging solutions, EmoSEC is not a traditional SMS system. EmoSEC is a secure text messaging system that is integral to the SIM card, designed and developed by the SIM card manufacturer, offering the user data the same level of integrity as that of the SIM operating system. With the addition of encryption, text messages are provided with unprecedented levels of security.

EmoSEC removes all intermediate stages such as secure messaging centres or centralised back office encryption engines. Messages are constructed and secured using the senders handset and standard SMS text messaging. The recipient is authenticated and then decodes the message received via standard SMS directly on their handset. The message is never stored in the clear and can only be encoded and decoded using our EmoSEC sim card.

EmoSEC can be operated in COVERT mode, whereby the mobile looks and operates as it would without EmoSEC being present. Only by using a secret activation method does EmoSEC become active. No history of EmoSEC is present in the last dialled number or SMS history of the Mobile. Thus providing a secret and secure method of passing messages between individuals or groups of EmoSEC equipped users.

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