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Fenris - Mobile Phone Detector

Software Overview

The Fenris software supplied provides frequency scanning and graphing of activity in the GSM bands. Using this, it is possible to see when a Mobile phone is in use by viewing the graphs shown.


Fenris is unique in its implementation. Utilising IP connectivity and the Fenris Command Set, it is possible to write and deploy your own software front-end. The potential for such customisation includes such things as:

Using the Fenris Software

When the Fenris software starts up you will see the screen below.

Fenris screenshot

To connect to a Fenris unit, you must enter its IP address.

Now you need to establish a connection to the Fenris unit by choose "Connect to the Module"

Next, choose the bands you'd like to scan, and set the Gain

You are now ready to run a scan. Click the scan button and watch the green indicator to the top left of the gain indicator. The green indicator will light up during a scan period.

Fenris will scan channel by channel based upon the international ETSI approved frequencies and channel spacing for GSM/PCN networks. (Bespoke frequencies and channel spacing can be configured during manufacture).

Fenris provides digital filters to detect modulation on the detected carrier, thus the Fenris software will show a vertical bar indicating activity (carrier and modulation)

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