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Some links to useful sources of general information related to the cellular industry.

GSM Security GSM security issues such as theft of service, privacy, and legal interception continue to raise significant interest in the GSM community. The purpose of this portal is to raise awareness of these issues with GSM security.

An overview of how GSM operates by John Scourias of the University of Waterloo. An extended version can be found here

GSM World The GSM Association (GSMA) is a global trade association that represents the interests of more than 620 GSM mobile operators. The Association role is to promote, protect and enhance the interests of the global GSM mobile operator community – which currently provides GSM services to more than 1 Billion customers across more than 200 countries and regions around the world (73% of the world’s digital mobile market). In addition, some 130 key manufacturers and suppliers to the GSM industry are associate members of the GSM Association.

MobileWorld MobileWorld is run by Matthew McDonald in his spare time. The page started in June 1996 as Mat's GSM Page to fulfil a need for GSM information, it was then transformed to GSMonline early in 1997 and has now become MobileWorld.

MobileSMS The essential free resource for mobile communications professionals and those new to the Short Message Service (SMS).

MobileEMS Mobile messaging is evolving beyond text by taking a development path from SMS (Short Message Service) to EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). This website focuses upon EMS in particular.

MobileMMS The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is, as its name suggests, the ability to send messages comprising a combination of text, sounds, images and video to MMS capable handsets.

The CTIA is the main trade organisation for cellular operators and equipment makers in the US. is an organisation bringing together the various players involved in bringing 3G and related technologies to North and South America. They have a Technology Center section on their web site that gives some basic information on the emerging standards.

The GSM Association is the main industry organisation for GSM related companies in Europe. Their site is mainly commercially oriented but it does have a small technology section that contains some useful information.

The CDMA Development Group is a consortium of companies that are promoting CDMA for cellular systems. Their web site is mainly commercial but again has a small technology section.

Cellular Online is a site packed full of cellular information. Much of it is consumer orientated but there is also some news and market information to be found. Particularly useful is their overview of Cellular Technologies and their link to the worldwide Cellular Operator web sites.