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Mobile Phone Detection

Mobile telephones are an integral part of today's society, however the widespread use of mobile telephones presents an ever increasing problem in security sensitive areas, such as Prisons, Courts, Hospitals and Schools. Interruptions to business meetings and public performances can be annoying to the extent that localised prohibition on the use of mobile are becoming common place.

As well as interfering with critical care equipment in medical facilities, aircraft controls and being a fire hazard at petrol stations; mobile telephones are increasingly being used as eavesdropping devices harvesting both audio and visual information by way of their sensitive microphones and built in hi definition cameras.

Localised restrictions on mobile use are difficult to enforce. Some organisations resort to the illegal activity of jamming the frequencies used by Mobile networks to prevent incoming and outgoing calls. This practice is ill advised, not only is it illegal, but it also precludes the use of a mobile during an emergency situation, leaving the jamming body liable for prosecution on more than one front.

Curbing the use of mobile phones in a localised area relies on co-operation from the user and or removal of the device as soon as it is identified as being active. EtherSnort is an invaluable tool for the detection of Mobile phone activity.

EtherSnort will alert you to mobile phone usage in a variety of ways, read more about EtherSnort download the PDF Brochure

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