SIM Card Interrogation

SIMIS is a range of products facilitating data recovery from GSM SIM and 3G USIM Cards. These forensically sound products are extensively used by US and UK Law enforcement agencies.

Data Recovery

SIM Data Recovery
Physically damaged or broken SIMs require specialised processing to produce a viable SIM for data recovery purposes. Crownhill has extensive experience in the area of SIM data recovery through its activity in the SIM manufacturing process.
General Silicon Data recovery
With our development partners we have been working in the field of IC Data recovery since 1995, Ours is a proven track record of delivering, where others fail. We can analyse any device you have and provide you with the information you need, we offer a reliable discrete service.
Lab-in-a-Box training and equipment package
3gforensics have develped the Lab-in-a-Box solution to meet the ever growning need to recoevr data from damaged sim cards in a Reliable, Safe, cost effective, manor.

Cell Site Analysis

Monitor and analyse the GSM Spectrum using a unique software and hardware solution.
Cell Monitor
Cell Monitor will enable you to establish the viability of a mobile telephone user's claims regarding their location at a specific time.
CellMonitor Engine
License the CellMonitor engine to create your own independant Cell Site Analysis tool.


Communications Signal Analysis
Our signal analysis technology can be integrated into a variety of products; from mobile phone detection, through IMSI Grabbing, to Off Air monitoring. Deployment can be overt or covert.
Phone Jammer Detector
Many alarm, security and life critical operations rely on the use of GSM mobile communications. Jammer - Detect and Report, allows the user to identify active jamming of the GSM/GPRS/DCS network.

Covert Operations

EmoSec SMS
Secure End-To-End SMS messaging for covert and sensitive operations.

Wireless Analysis

Wireless Analysis Bundle
Analyse the Unlicensed wireless spectrum and Wi-Fi data packets using Wi-Spy and AirPcap.


GPS Receiver
GPS Receiver with Bluetooth capability and Internal antenna
Mini SIM Adapter
Convert Mini SIMs to Smart Card format.