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SIMIS is a range of products developed for forensic examination of GSM SIM Cards.

SIMIS2G automates the process of forensically sound data recovery from 2G SIM cards. Providing a detailed - customisable - reports in easily viewable HTML format with optional PLAIN TEXT output and user-definable printed format for each SIM interrogated.
SIMIS mobile is a small handheld deviceSIMIS Mobile
SIMIS Mobile hardware allows the essential contents of up to 8 2G SIM cards to be read and stored whilst away from your computer. SIMIS Mobile is available 2G or 3G
SIMIS 3G provides broadly similar features and facilities to SIMIS2G, however because the 3G 'SIM' holds a vast amount of user and network information the SIMIS 3G output is neccesarily more complex.
SIMulate Mobile provides the features of SIMulate2G and SIMulate3G on a mobile platform, allowing the examiner to generate a duplicate of the 2G or 3G card in or outside of the lab environment - Ideal for scene of crime work or Intelligence.
SIMIS Engine
License the SIMIS engine to create your own independent SIM interrogation product.