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SIMIS - SIM Card Forensic Software

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SIMIS is capable of forensically extracting data from a SIM card and providing that data in an easy to read HTML report.

SIMIS 2 is targeted for forensic interrogation of Phase 2 GSM SIM Cards, now commonly referred to as 2G. If you wish to extract data from 3G/USIM cards, please see SIMIS 3G

SIM Card Forensic Overview

Information taken from the SIM Card, coupled with information collected from the associated mobile equipment, can provide valuable evidence to validate a line of enquiry, prove an association or provide vital intelligence. In today’s fast moving high-tech society, it is rare to find any activity that does not involve some aspect relating to mobile telephony. If GSM telephony is involved, a trail of information is waiting to be retrieved from the SIM Card.

What is SIMIS?

SIMIS is able to extract a range of information from the SIM

SIMIS automates the process of forensic SIM data recovery. By interrogating the SIM card, SIMIS provides a detailed report in easily viewable HTML format and user-definable printed format for every SIM interrogated.

Unicode support for SMS & phonebook files with alphanumeric elements allows foreign characters and scripts from any international language to be decoded and displayed.

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Forensically Safe

In accordance with ACPO guidelines SIMIS ensures that no data on the SIM is modified during the read process. The resulting reports are digitally signed with both MD5 and SHA hashes to ensure integrity. A full audit trail data is included in the analysis detailing important aspects from the acquisition process such as:

The Pedigree of SIMIS

SIMIS (SIM card Interrogation System) was originally commissioned by Metropolitan Police (London) in 1998. The system facilitates the recovery of information from SIM cards and plugs, used in mobile subscriber equipment (mobile telephones).

SIMIS is a development of Crownhill's popular EdSIM SIM card editor application, that has proved to be popular with both Network Operators and major resellers. SIMIS draws on the expertise gained by Crownhill in the development of it's GSM SIM cards and SIMIS is continually evolving and improving under guidance from many of the UK, US and European Police Technical support units.

Feature Overview

The Search Engine

The SIMIS database search engine, allows comprehensive searches to be made across all SIM cards data that have been interrogated. Searches can be carried out across the entire database, or can be narrowed down to things like a specific case reference, or a specific mobile number.

A typical search would allow you to enter a mobile phone number and identify if that number was held in the ADN of any card previously interrogated - potentially opening up new lines of enquiry in investigations, or linking suspected criminals and networks together.

What you get

The SIMIS package is flexible, with a range of options available to suit your needs. Typically a SIMIS package consists of:


There is also the option to use a PC Card (PCMCIA) Reader for laptops and notebooks.

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ETSI Conformity

SIMIS adheres to the technical specifications laid down in the ETSI document GSM11.11 and other related ETSI documents. The present document defines the interface between the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and the Mobile Equipment (ME) for use during the network operation phase of GSM as well as those aspects of the internal organization of the SIM which are related to the network operation phase.

In the creation of our SIM Interrogation System, we utilised the information from GSM11.11 and related documents to identify:

We used this knowledge to identify what data may be present in the SIM card, how raw data should be retrieved from the SIM, and how to correctly interpret and display the raw data.

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